Studio Services

Recording, Mixing, and Mastering


Our recording environment is designed to work for you! We provide the experience, expertise, and industry leading equipment you need to let your creativity be packaged the way you’ve always dreamed it would be. In addition to the great gear and techniques, we give you a choice of two rooms to track in, giving you the right acoustics for your project. Our ultimate goal is to give you a finished product you can be proud of!

Studio rental for recording: $50/hour

Weekly studio rental with recording engineer: $1,000/Week


This service is great for when you have recorded your music but don't have the time to commit to the mixing process or the tools to get the sound you want. We can also take less than ideal recordings and improve them, getting the best possible results out of them. Let us help you with completing your project in a timely manner!

Single song: $50/hour


Our engineers will provide that commercial loudness that you're looking for. Whether you want a traditional sound or a unique expression, we can provide mastering that uses far less compression and gives life to a more dynamic range and feel. Our engineers are equipped and have the ear to exceed your expectations giving you crystal clear playback on any system!

Single song: $50/hour


Let us help you make original beats with our tools. We also make beats with acoustic instruments and can do any sort of fusion between acoustic and digital! You can also buy original beats from any producer in our network!

Beats: $100+ (Price varies by project)

Audio Enhancement

With our tools we can take any digital recording and increase it's ability to be understood. This service is ideal for defense attorneys and divorce attorneys who are working with body cams and microphones.

Audio Enhancement: $50/hour

CD Production

Our CD reproduction service includes a jewel case, full color CD printing, full color two sided insert, full color tray card, cellophane wrapping, and a UPC bar code if you would like. Artist must provide artwork, we can recommend graphic artist!

CD Production: $2/Per CD