Booking Services

Booking A Show In Boise

SACA Booking works with musicians to help them book shows in Boise and the surrounding areas. We love putting together shows and seeing artists come through our town!

There are several things that help us get you booked:


The more notice we have, the more likely we will be able to get you the date you want. Anything less than 8 weeks notice is pretty tough to get a venue for a specific date.


Sounds obvious right?! Well, if you shoot us an email and then don't respond to our reply, things come to a grinding halt. 

Electronic Press Kit

An EPK should be your best foot forward. With good content, it will be easier to get you booked and give us the tools to help you. If you don't have one, we recommend working on It's pretty user friendly.

Tour Posters

Certainly optional, but a cool tour poster will catch people's eyes. Getting people's attention is hard! Make sure they are high resolution and will look good in the 11 x 17 format.

The Nuts and Bolts


Have at least one musician/band in mind for an opener. If you're touring with your own, even better! If you want our help with openers, let us know.


We put the word out and invite people as a courtesy but the promotion of your show falls on you. Get your Boise friends to invite people, make videos personally inviting fans, have good EPK content, and make sure Boise is on your tour schedule!


99% of our shows are door deals. Artist payout comes after expenses. It's common for venues to have fees for using their space. You will know the fixed cost of the show before we book it so you can make an informed decision. We believe everyone involved with the show deserves to get paid and we pay the openers a percentage of the profits as well.